Church of Christ – Let’s Take Hell!

I was at one time a Member of the Duncanville, Texas Church of Christ where

I was absolved. Charles Hodge, an outstanding evangelist, was the clergyman

during the 8 years I went to there. I took in a lot from “Hodge,”

who consistently had a pocket loaded up with sweet for the children each Sunday Read More Request a prophetic word

Throughout the years, as I’ve approached encouraging a Bible Study called “Jesus Said,”

of the considerable number of participants from every one of the groups who have participated in

this arrangement, it has consistently been Members of the Church of Christ that

have consistently had the best handle on the Scriptures, particularly among the

youngsters. I was in every case covertly very glad for that reality.

My explanation behind composition this message is basic: I need individuals in the

Church of Christ to be made mindful that there’s additional!

When I was determined to have an innate spinal infection at age 28, I

wound up frantic. I started soliciting numerous individuals from different Christian

flavors to appeal to God for me. It was just when I allowed the individuals who

put stock in the laying on of hands and blessing with oil to do so that

I started to experience results. Nowadays, my PCP says I have a

“reading material spine.” I’m 47 as I compose in the wake of having been told I would be

immobilized when I was fifty. Truth be told, on New Year’s Eve 2001,

I moved to Stephenville, Texas to be nearer to my kids with the goal that I

could get help washing garments, conveying goods, and so on. I had no activity,

knew nobody, yet quit a decent paying activity and moved out of


Nowadays, I travel in various circles. I am a staunch supporter of

the expanding House Church development and I compose and talk in

homes as to this theme. I am additionally a Non-denominational

Working environment Chaplain, making a trip to ten Nursing Home offices

all through the state, in charge of the profound development of more than 500

workers all through North Central Texas.

One evening, while at the same time returning home from a day at my association’s Grand Saline,

Texas office, I got a call from a man in Washington State. He

introduced his discussion by expressing that he was a Member of the Church

of Christ and, in the wake of perusing something I had composed on the web, felt that he

should call me. He related an account of how, as his mom lay kicking the bucket in

ICU ten years back, two ladies stopped by approaching on the off chance that they could petition God for

what’s more, bless her with oil. Her doctor had recently cautioned the family that

their family’s adored authority would not endure the night.

Reluctantly – yet out of distress – the man’s dad chose to permit

the two ladies to implore. The following day, completely anticipating that his mom

had lapsed during the night, he strolled up behind the doctor who

convoluted, grinned comprehensively, embraced him “like a missing sibling,”

what’s more, mournfully shouted, “She’s going to live!”

After ten years, she’s as yet alive.

My own dispute is that the totality of the Holy Spirit is

accessible to everybody with the confidence to step out and submit themselves

to Him for Kingdom use. In Luke 11:9-13, Jesus energizes us with

these words, “So I state to you: Ask and it will be given to you; look for

also, you will discover; thump and the entryway will be opened to you. For

everybody who asks gets; he who looks for finds; and to him who

thumps, the entryway will be opened. “Which of you fathers, if your child

requests a fish, will give him a snake? Or on the other hand on the off chance that he requests an egg,

will give him a scorpion? On the off chance that you, at that point, however you are malevolent, know how

to give great endowments to your kids, the amount more will your Father

in paradise give the Holy Spirit to the individuals who ask him!”

I have discovered that the individuals who set out to ask are the people who

get that, regardless of whether God mends an individual through their

service or not, regardless of whether the prophetic articulation one sets out to talk is

genuine, regardless of whether one’s Word of Knowledge is fitting or not, the

most noticeably terrible that can happen is that they totally miss God. The one being

appealed to God for may kick the bucket. The one they forecasted over may have no

witness at all to information exchanged. Goodness, well…in those cases, the

one who ventured out in confidence is presently more grounded for having worked out

their confidence muscles. In those minutes when they DO encounter what

co-working with God is about, their confidence and certainty develop

what’s more, well…watch out, fallen angel!

As well as could be expected occur? Is it true that it isn’t self-evident? Debilitated individuals will be recuperated,

individuals will be astounded and put their trust in God, a prophetic word will

enlighten, urge and solace, much the same as all New Testament prediction is

Expected to, and so forth.

In any case, if we all sit idle, think about what will occur?


Romans 8:11 discloses to us that a similar Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead

stays inside us. Allow Him to out! Work WITH God. In 1 Corinthians 3:9,

the witness Paul reminds us, “…we are God’s kindred specialists; you are

God’s field, you are God’s structure.”

Discharge the recuperating excellencies of the Lord Jesus Christ into somebody’s

wiped out body.

Proclaim harmony into a riotous circumstance.

Take expert over the evil presences responsible for somebody’s life.

Go on…I dare ya! All the more critically, God dares ya. Satan does as well. Far

over and over again, God’s kin are bound with dread. We’re apprehensive about looking

idiotic. Imagine a scenario where the debilitated individual kicks the bucket. Imagine a scenario in which they scorn us. “I’m no

prophet,” one may state to themselves, “…who do I think I am in any case?”

With that sort of rationale, imagine a scenario where a baseball player never swings his bat.

inspired by a paranoid fear of striking out? Imagine a scenario in which he DOES swing and belts a grand slam.

In Philippians 1:20, Paul expresses, “As per my sincere desires

what’s more, [my] trust, that in nothing I will be embarrassed, yet [that] with all

Intensity, as usual, [so] now likewise Christ will be amplified in my

body, regardless of whether [it be] by life, or by death.” Paul was not only HOPING

to laud God with his activities; he EXPECTED that God would utilize him

at whatever point he ventured out in confidence. He was “completely influenced” (Rom 4:21)

that God had capacity to do what He said He would do.

Is it accurate to say that we are completely convinced?

Is it accurate to say that you are?

As of late, I was enlivened by an article I’d read about mistreated Chinese

Christians who will go into a territory and really request to see the most

wiped out individual nearby. Their God-appointed methodology? At the point when this individual

is recuperated, others will come to accept.

Along these lines, equipped with the certainty which that article had roused, while

visiting another office, I requested to see the most wiped out individual there. I was

coordinated to a man named Curtis what my identity was, told, was biting the dust. I was

educated that he was a deep rooted individual from the Church of Christ and his

family was there with him. Subsequent to talking expressions of confidence and

consolation to his relatives, vouching for the recuperating intensity of God

in my very own life and in the lives of others I know, the family consented to

enable me to lay hands upon their darling Curtis and ask. Truth be told, at my

demand, they enclosed his bed and laid hands upon him with me. There

were tears as I supplicated and embraces and articulations of appreciation as I left

Curtis in God’s grasp.

God’s quality was in that room. No, Curtis didn’t get up and walk.

Not right then and there in any case. Let’s be honest, even the Ten Lepers were

recuperated “as they went” while the lady with the issue of blood was

recuperated immediately and a visually impaired man required petition twice. Jesus proved unable

do much in His the place where own grew up and needed to clear the room of irresolute

individuals so as to bring up Jairus’ girl back to life. Curtis is in his

80’s and, as his sister let me know, “he knows his Lord.” Perhaps now is the ideal time

for him to return home where he will encounter the recuperating all things considered.

That is among him and “his Lord.”

That was 15 days prior today. I simply got an eMail from the Nursing

Home Administrator. It read, “Curtis is doing great!”

The day in the wake of helping Curtis, I was approached to come and clergyman

at the neighborhood clinic to the dad of one of our workers, a man in his

80’s what my identity was, told, was kicking the bucket. His name was Clarence. Once more, the

family was a Church of Christ faction. Once more, when I wrapped up

imparting declarations of mending to them, their confidence had ascended to the

level of assaulting Hell with squirt weapons. Before long, we were all in ICU –

each of the ten of us – laying hands on Clarence, their patriarch, family

individuals embracing, crying, ameliorating, and concurring with me in petition

as I talked life and mending to our calmed sibling in Christ. Two other

relatives mentioned petition thereafter also.

In spite of the fact that his vitals really improved the following day, he stayed in ICU

after seven days. In any case, that family experienced God that day. Most likely!

They encountered harmony. Their center was diverted to what – WHO –

is the most notable individual in the Universe. God was there. It was

magnificent. Indeed, even the menfolk were crying and gave me love squeezes when I

left. One relative has educated me that our experience has roused

much God-focused discussion and inquiries concerning life, demise and

Perfect mending.

I’m no mending evangelist. No Benny Hinn. I don’t profess to be a “Confidence

Healer” or any such thing. I’m only a normal “Joe Christian” who

can’t discover anyplace in Scripture where Jesus directions His devotees

to “appeal to God for the wiped out.” No, what I DO discover is the place He educates us to

“Recuperate THE SICK.” When we know the Healer, it’s truly sheltered to state

all I need is (A) the Faith and (B) the chances. Whatever occurs

next is, to be perfectly honest, among them and God.

I could continue endlessly with declarations of this nature. A few, by human

benchmarks, were clear, quick “victories” and others showed up

to be inauspicious disappointments. For instance, inside a couple of days of one another,

two ladies – one in her 90s – got up out of their wheel seats a month ago

when I asked in Jesus’ Name. One hadn’t strolled in ten years! A few

people are recuperated, others aren’t. Some I’ve petitioned God for require extra

supplication while others have really kicked the bucket. For each situation, someone is

hugely honored and has an experience with the Spirit of Christ Request a prophetic word


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